Message from the CEO

Cosmetic products that move your heart.

Delivering smiles through cosmetics.
Our mission is to spread smiles and excitement all around the world through cosmetics.
It is my belief that, especially for women, it is very important to find the cosmetic products that make them say like “I want to keep using it”, “I want to recommend it to everyone”, “I am glad that I keep using it”.
To make this happen, Natural Co., ltd focuses on natural ingredients.
We follow our motto of “creating products to be loved for decades” and always keep in mind what is best for skin and the environment.
Building a strong relationship between employees is another point our company highly values.
My goal is to have at Natural Co., ltd, a working environment where employees will have high morale, satisfaction, and sense of accomplishment.
We strive at creating a place where employees complete one another, where everyone can fully demonstrate their personality and skills.
I support each team member’s dream in becoming their better selves to the highest extent.
With time and technological advancements in manufacturing, the cosmetics market is rapidly changing.
I strongly believe that striving for authentic high quality cosmetics development consists in always maintaining a serious attitude towards the manufacturing of the products in any circumstances.

Natural Co., ltd CEO Yoshizaki  Masaharu